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See Homepage. This page: Vintage British tourers, in the shape of a 1920s' Standard SLO 4s.
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Standard SLO 4 Tourer.

Checking around suggests that this fine old tourer is a circa 1922/1923 Standard SLO 4 tourer. Between 1920 and 1922, the SLO was powered by a 11.6hp (RAC rated) engine, while the SLO4 of 1922 to 1926 had a slightly larger, overhead-valve four cylinder 13.9hp motor.
Unfortunately this first car's registration number cannot be seen, I think this is an early-ish example of the model. In this view, the Standard's roof is folded and covered in a tailored bag. A young chap sits in the front, while two ladies are sat in the rear compartment, protected from buffeting by the Auster screens fitted between the front and rear seating areas. Further peering at the original scan of this photo, reveals that the car is running on Michelin Cable tyres, and has acquired a few dings to its front and rear wings, the rear one being especially out-of-shape.
A healthy type, in bowler hat, can be seen stood with his bicycle to the right, perhaps unaware that he's about to be captured on film forever. Are those sandwiches in the box strapped to the cycle's carrier I wonder?
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Vintage Standard SLO4 car
Various coachbuilt body styles were offered on the SLO4 chassis named after towns in Britain, a popular example being the Warwick tourer.

An earlier SLO 4 tourer.

The slightly angled bonnet and scuttle on the following tourer, suggests that it may be a year or two older than the car shown above. The carriage-type door handles also look to be an earlier type. The style of body - a four seater tourer - is similar to the previous car though, and the setting is not all that dissimilar either. Two ladies, one young the other somewhat less so, relax in the rear seating area, while up front a gent of retirement age sits at the wheel.
Eagle-eyed readers will spot the Pratts "High Test" two-gallon petrol can, mounted onto the nearside running board. Opening the rear door must have required caution, as it could easily have bumped the can. Also note the "diver's helmet" lamps, mounted onto the windscreen frame, and the front tyres on which recognisable tread was a distant memory only.
Circa 1920 Standard SLO tourer
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