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See Homepage. This page: Suggestions welcomed - is it an 18/36 saloon, of 1927-1928?? And other Standard mysteries...
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1. A late 1920's Standard saloon.

The car in this photograph had already been part-identified by the time it was sent over. Elma had identified it as a Standard, probably by the distinctively-shaped radiator, and the Union Jack flag that forms its badge. It sports an upright saloon body, of six-light design.
Pinning down the exact model still remains to be done - Elma thought it might be a 9, but with its vertical bonnet louvres - and lots of them - I suspect it might be something a little larger. Smaller vintage Standards, like the 9, tended to have horizontal louvres, or else vertical slots but far fewer than can be seen on the car below. The closest match that I can find is the 1927-1928 18/36, which had a 2.2 litre six cylinder engine under the bonnet. Are there any Standard experts out there who can confirm the model for us?
A Standard motor-car of the late twenties
All advice welcomed! Various Standards appear elsewere in this section of the site, one of the rarest is this coachbuilt Standard Avon.

2. Another Standard saloon to identify.

This second shot also features a Standard of the very-late 1920's, or from the beginning of the 1930s. The registration hails from the Brighton area, and ran from 1925 to 1933, so doesn't really help with identifying this car, or its age. Is it a Big Nine? Note the car's tax disc, mounted externally in a holder more commonly found on vintage tourers, or motorcycles.
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A vintage Standard car
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