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Standard Super 10

A two tone classic car living 'down under'

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Thanks to Doug who sent in these pictures of his beautiful little Standard that now lives in Victoria (Australia). Unusually for a Standard it is finished in two tone paint scheme, Gascoyne Gray over Mansfield Gray. The car, like my most recent Super 10, also has the Standrive two pedal operation. I found it great on my car, especially in traffic, yet surviving cars still using this system are not at all common now. I've also included a photo showing my Standrive equipped Super Ten from 1957, that was sold Autumn 2005. Despite being the same age, same model, and same spec, it is interesting to note just how many differences there are between UK, and overseas, specification examples...

Standard 10 1957 in Australia

Doug continues..." As a lad of seventeen it was my dream to own ones first car and as it turned out mine was a shiny black 1954 Standard Eight which I purchased from my mum for $60.00AU. This was the most fantastic vehicle a young man could ask for "well that's what I thought" there was nothing special about this car, it was the basic no nonsense vehicle (Basic model).
Many years have passed since then and I never forgot about all the good times I had with my first car. Around twelve years ago I decided that if I could find another Standard "No matter the condition" I would buy it! I found my dream on a farm outside the country town of Ararat north west of Melbourne, it had been a one owner when sold to a second hand car dealer, who in turn decided to store it in a barn on his farm for some twenty years, just how I found it? I was looking through our local paper "The Trading Post" and found it. After some investigations I found that this fellow now in his late sixties was selling up all the vehicles he had stored, 4 Minis - 2 Jaguars - 1xPhase one Standard Vanguard, and other farm equipment etc.
From the day I brought it home I've spent many hours lovingly restoring this little gem, with a complete work over from front to rear on both mechanicals and interior, I found and restored an original valve radio complete with Standard insignia, radio was found at a swap meet and purchased for $25.00, restoration costs were $350.00 not cheap! but worth every penny.
Restoration costs to date $2500AU, 95% of all the work has been completed by myself. (I don't mind tinkering). I recently found an article on my model and the caption reads as follows "You Cannot Stall This Car", the article is by Steve G. Simpson and comes from the 1957 May edition of Wheels Magazine page 38. It's a most interesting read, apparently this model was released at the Earl's Court Motor Show that same year. As for the Grill on my car, this was an improvement which appeared just before Christmas 1957 when two New models were released, the Super 10 & De-Luxe 10, the sales price as at 1957 was 945 Pounds (including tax) with an additional 40 Pounds for the Standrive model.
I hope this gives you some insight into my vehicle. "

Standard 10 seats and interior

Standard 10 1957 in Australia

Some of the differences to note, comparing the 10 I once owned (below) with Doug's car (above) include: two tone paint finish, different side trims, different grilles (UK cars had a multitude of grilles over years, but I've never seen a UK car featuring the Australian grille here), and the car above also has Standard Super Ten on the front wings - whether this is original or an after-market addition I dont know? My car sold to someone in Kent in Autumn 2005, then he sold it on straightaway, so where EEF 439 is now I don't know.

UK spec Standard 10 from 1957

The 3 Standard cars I have owned (2x Tens and an Eight) can be seen on my car page. Spare parts for classic Standards can also be found on oldclassiccar.co.uk, have a look at the Standard Car Parts page to find out more.

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