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See Homepage. This page: A selection of old photos featuring Standard 9hp cars of the late twenties and early thirties.
Original transport photographs
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Photos 1 & 2. Late 1920s Standard 9.

This page features a number of different Standard 9s, varying slightly in both age and coachwork style. The first two images originally featured in the Mystery Cars section, until the car shown was identified as a late 1920s example of the Standard 9.
Two views of a '20 Standard 9 car
By 1930 the "9" had switched to spoked rather than the artillery-style of wheel shown above, so this car must pre-date this change. This example of the 9hp Standard, registered YX 68??, heralds from the London area and this is probably where the two photos were taken. The car is parked outside E. Worm & Co., and two gents in suits are seen stood in the doorway. Above their heads is a To Let sign, placed there by agents Jennings & Co. A sign further along reads 'Cigarettes Cigars Tobacco', so presumably this was a newsagent or tobacconist.

3. Fabric-covered saloon - side view.

The third photo shows a different car, again a pre-1930 Standard, parked at the kerbside with two ladies on board. Note the part-fabric covered body, sliding roof, and conventionally-hinged (ie not suicide-type) doors. These features suggest that it might be a Standard 9 Teignmouth Fabric Saloon, rather than just a basic saloon (the Fulham).
Another Standard Nine

4. Fabric-covered saloon - front view.

Now for the frontal view of a slightly later Standard 9, possibly a fabric-covered saloon, with a lady called Ruby Dandridge stood alongside. Just visible behind her coat is the n/s/f wheel, of spoked variety, dating the car to 1930 or 1931. A check of registration records shows that the OG series had a short run from April 1930, to April 1931. The lack of tread on the car's tyres suggests that the Standard was not in its first flush of youth when the photo was taken. Note the different style of radiator surround when compared to the previous Nines on this page.
Another Standard Nine of 1930/1931

5. At the beach.

Bill sent this photo over, showing what he thinks is a late '20s Standard Nine parked on an unidentified beach. The car's registration letter code of RG (Aberdeen) was used for ten years or so, from 1928 through to 1938.
A Standard 9 at the beach

6. A 1933/1934 Standard 9.

This next photo came from Margaret, a regular visitor to the site, and is another original image that turned up in her family album. The car is a Standard 9, the LV 624 registration relates to Liverpool and was a series in use from July 1932 to August 1934. Therefore this car is probably a 1933 or 1934 example, and is obviously much later than the example shown above. (To add: the third photograph down on the De Dion Bouton page also features a similar Standard in it).
(Please click the thumbnail to view full-size image.)
A Standard car from 1932 - 1934

7. A circa 1935 Standard Nine.

Standard reg. no. JA 6627 spent its early years driving the roads in or around Stockport. A little later than the cars shown above, I think this is probably a circa 1935 Standard Nine, or Little Nine, two door saloon. Keith sent the photo over, hoping that the car's identity could be confirmed, and he thought it probably dated to 1934 or 1935, so this seems to tie in. The JA series ran from 1929 to 1938. Judging by the condition of the car's nearside running board, the little Standard wasn't in its first flush of youth at the time of this photo. The front wing has seen a few bumps over the years, and the nearside rear hubcap has disappeared too. I think it would also have had a small cover fitted to the starting handle aperture, at the base of the radiator.
A Standard Nine from 1935

8. Another 9hp Standard.

The car in this next shot is of a similar age to the Standard 9hp car shown above. It was a snowy winter's day at the time of this photo, and the location has the air of a military establishment to it. The lady sat in the Standard is certainly well wrapped up, and well she'd need to be as I doubt the little car had any heater fitted. The car's registration begins with either CLE or CLF, both London-issued numbers introduced in late 1935.
Despite there being deep snow on the ground, the car has no evidence of snow on top of it, or underneath the arches, suggesting that perhaps it had been in undercover store on-site, and had only just been moved outside.
Another 9hp Standard motor-car

9. A four-door 1932 Standard.

The registration of this Standard, GW 3551, would indicate that this particular "9" spent its formative years exploring the roads of London and its environs from 1932 onwards. The sunshine roof is open, exposing the chap inside who is staring fixedly at the person behind the camera. The car's headlamps appear to have been positioned to illuminate passing trees and rooftops, rather than the road ahead, during the hours of darkness.
A 1932 Standard Nine

10. Broken down?

This next photograph raises several questions. For example, who are the chaps peering under the Standard's bonnet? and what uniform are they wearing? A discussion on this site's forum came up with various suggestions, with English, French and German military being put forward as possibilities. The car was registered AAF 272, a Cornwall registration from 1934. Perhaps the car had found its way onto the Channel Islands by the time of WW2, which could explain why these chaps - if they're not English - were in its presence, fiddling with its engine. The need for an umbrella could well point to the car having broken down thanks to water getting into the works.
Car broken down

11. A late-vintage 9hp saloon.

My thanks to Val for this photograph, one of two similar shots that Val discovered inside a family album. The ladies shown have yet to be identified, but the car, like the one at the head of this page, is a late-vintage 9hp saloon, also on artillery rather than spoked wheels. It's a charming pre-war scene, the ladies sat around enjoying the weather and presumably the scenery. Another small car is parked in the distance, while to the right is a motorcycle registered SM 8476 (a Dumfries issue). Unfortunately the Standard's registration isn't fully visible, all I can make out is H? 5222.
Ladies sat with a vintage Standard
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