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See Homepage. This page: A staged photograph of a classic speedway motorcycle, and a group of motorcycling enthusiasts.
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Erskine Staride.

Alas the location and date of this photograph aren't known, but what is known is the subject of the photograph - namely the Erskine Staride, a JAP-engined speedway motorcycle. The Staride was the brainchild of Mike Erskine, who later went on to build Formula 3 (500cc) racing cars (a photo of which can be found on the Iota - Half Litre Car Club magazine page). His workshop was situated at Shirley, in Southampton. Production of the Erskine frame commenced in 1947.
This would appear to be a staged photograph dating to the late 1940s, it's unlikely to be much later as Erskine left the speedway world at the end of 1951 to concentrate on Formula 3. Perhaps that's Erskine in the photograph, pointing out the details of this classic speedway machine? The bike looks quite dirty, suggesting that it had probably seen some use that day - at least two of the motorcyclists sat on the floor have helmets with them. Eleven chaps, one of whom is in military uniform, listen keenly to what the suited gent is saying. An old motorcycle, an unidentified van, and a Ford Model C or CX can be seen in the distance. Do any of the individuals shown in this image ring a bell with anyone?
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Erskine Staride
If more information on the motorcycle, or the people shown with it, turns up, I'll add it in here. Below is a closer look at the machine.
A closer look at this speedway bike
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