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See Homepage. This page: Rare picture of a Stoneleigh light car in the early twenties taking part in a parade.
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1920s Stoneleigh touring car.

A fellow member of the VSCC (Vintage Sports Car Club) identified the vintage car in this photograph as a Stoneleigh light car, built circa 1923. No notes came with the photo, but there are some interesting details. Parked alongside the Stoneleigh is a van, its rear body just visible to the left of shot. The livery is for the Berkeley Vale Motor Company of Alveston, a company established in 1909 and believed to be the first Ford dealer in Gloucester, selling Model Ts. Is that a Model T van in shot? Unusually for a company that features in such an old photo, it still survives although now deals in modern cars of South Korean origin from premises in Bristol.
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Vintage Stoneleigh motor-car
The Stoneleigh though was a British light car through and through, this Bristol-registered example sporting the registration HT 6689. This particular car appears to be taking part in a parade or carnival of some kind. Signs on the radiator and bonnet side ask members of the public to "All Put .. Your Pennies on Papyrus for the ???? Mayor's ??????" and there is a sizeable mascot attached to the bonnet, both suggesting a link to Egypt of some kind. A driver can be seen sat behind the car's substantial steering wheel, with a young chap sat in the rear compartment.
If anyone can shed light on why the Stoneleigh was adorned in this way, please get in touch..!
The Stoneleigh marque was created in 1912 as an offshoot of Siddeley-Deasey (later Armstrong Siddeley), designed to be the light-car branch of the business. Apparently only two light cars were produced prior to the outbreak of war in 1914. Early cars were fitted with a 12hp four-cylinder engine, whereas the post-war Stoneleigh light car (1922 - 1924) employed a 1-litre V-Twin engine.
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