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Steering wheel repairs

Rather than fork out big for a professional refurbishment, George refurbished the steering wheel for his 1950s Austin using Milliput.

George's notes and photos are below, explaining why he needed to do this refurb, and how he went about it.

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"I spent some hours over the last few days attempting to restore my string and plastic tape bound steering wheel. The spokes had been brazed and the cover suffered as can be expected! I enclose a few pics, I used Milliput Yellow (only available from them directly), Terracotta and Vandyke brown oil paint in an effort to match the colour! Its taken a lot of filing and sanding. I want to keep 'some' patina of age in the car, its not going to be a show winner!"
" I also bought some more Milliput and ended up with Teracotta and yellow (yellow is a factory direct colour not in the shops) and its jolly hard on the fingers mixing it for 6 minutes. I had to put in some brown artists oil paint to tone it a bit but in the end a bit of red would have been good but I dont have a full artists set! Anyhow, I am not keen on the 'restored' wheels I have seen so far so thought I will try and tidy mine up myself and save 250 in the bargain! (excluding Milliput and paint of course) I have yet to file it and shape to a better form but lets see if it works out."

Steering wheel still fitted to the car

The damaged area on the rim

Steering wheel being attended to - note the Milliput

Quite a close match!

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