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See Homepage. This page: A vintage motorbus operated by White Rose Motor Services in North Wales.
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White Rose Motor Services A-Type Straker-Squire.

Handily this old bus photograph has some handwritten notes on the reverse side. They advise that this Straker-Squire, operated by White Rose Motor Services (vehicle fleet no.71) was photographed on the promenade at Rhyl, North Wales, circa 1928. The vehicle itself, an A-Type Straker Squire, dates to the early 1920s. This is confirmed by the motorbus' registration number, ME 9624, a London series that ran from November 1921 to May 1923. The bus ran on solid rubber tyres, and offered minimal weather protection to it's driver.
An A-Type Straker Squire in N Wales
In addition to signwriting advertising White Rose Motor Services, there is a large advertisement for E.B. Jones & Co. Ltd - "The North Wales Grocers". They had branches on Water Street, High Street and Abbey Street. The bus offered a direct service to the Marine Lake and Pleasure Park, where you'd find attractions such as the Alhambra Ballroom, the Floral Cafe, and also the Putting Greens.
In the early 1900s, the Straker-Squire firm produced a large number of steam wagons from their Bristol factory. By 1907 they were also producing commercial vehicles, motor-cars and also buses. The first cars were actually French, but assembled by the British firm. In 1907 they introduced their own design of car, namely the 16/20 and the 12/14 Shamrock. During WW1 the firm concentrated on producing staff cars and other military vehicles. After the war, in 1919, they re-located to North London.
In the early 1900s Straker-Squire produced a number of buses, initially for the Great Western Railway (GWR), and then in large numbers for the London bus market. The A-Type chassis was introduced in the post-war era (1919) and it sold well, in both lorry and bus form. As the Rhyl bus shown above has a London registration, it is quite possible that it started life pounding the streets of the Capital, before re-locating to the seaside resort.
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