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See Homepage. This page: Side view of a vintage Studebaker two-seat roadster, possibly in New Zealand, plus a Commander Six.
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Vintage Studebakers.

John emailed the following photograph over, having spotted the mystery cars page via an online search. He was hoping that the car shown below could be identified, this handsome two-seat touring car belonged to the Uncle of John's Great-Great Aunt. It was quite probably photographed in New Zealand - the owner was born in Christchurch in 1883.
Stuchamp, a forum long-termer with an interest in classic and vintage Studebakers, identified it as a Studebaker Roadster, possibly the "Six" (for six-cylinder) version. Further input via the VSCC members' forum suggests that, due to the length of the Studebaker's bonnet, it is likely to be the Studebaker Four (four-cylinder), or SF4 Roadster. Both models utilised the same bodytub, only the length of the front-end panelwork, and the chassis beneath, differ depending on the engine fitted. Apparently this style of coachwork was current from 1915 through to 1918. This example is a two-seater Roadster, a four-seat version was also offered.
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1915 - 1918 Studebaker car
Other early examples of Stude to feature on the site include a side-on shot of a c1928 Dictator Sport Roadster, and an owner's view of buying and running a restored 1923 Special Six Tourer.

2. Studebaker Commander Six.

Photograph number two features what the chap shown behind the wheel of the car described as a Studebaker Commander Six, my thanks to Leo for kindly sending the image over. The owner was a friend of Leo's father, known as "Uncle Eduard". His car - photographed in the Dutch town of Zeist - bares a striking similarity to the four-cylinder version shown above, one that he remembered as being a strong and lively performer. The body tub on this car is slightly deeper than that shown in photograph number one, plus it has carriage-type doorhandles, whereas the first car has none.
Studebaker Commander
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