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See Homepage. This page: A pre-war German Opel, but rather than being a saloon, this has a 'canopy' open-top conversion.
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1930s Opel Super Six.

The 2.5 litre Opel Super 6 was produced from late in 1936 and throughout 1937 and 1938, with saloon, convertible and coupe versions on offer from the German manufacturer, while coachbuilder Hebmuller offered a cabriolet variant. It took over from the previous 2.0 Litre. The car in this photograph though is none of these types, confusingly, but as confirmed by members of this site's forum, is definitely a Super 6, fore-runner of the Kapitan. Echoes of pre-war Chevrolet and even Vauxhall are evident in the Opel's design, all of whom were by this time bedfellows within the sprawling GM (General Motors) group. Some 46,453 examples of the six-cylinder Opel are believed to have been built. The 1938-season cars had plain disc rather than "easiclean" type wheels, suggesting a build date of 1937 for this - possibly unique - automobile.
The front end panelwork of a standard 2,473cc Super 6 saloon has been used, up to and including the surround over the top of the windscreen. From there back, things become confusing. Simple open-sided bodywork has been fitted, with a roof and roll-down sidescreens reminiscent of those found on Ford Model T "canopy" models. The lower rear side panels are formed from planks of wood. Was this a one-off creation, or were a number of Opels built like this? I can find reference online to some military "Kubelwagens" built on late-1930s Opel running gear, lacking doors but they're different again, in that convertible screen assemblies were used, the roof was significantly different, and the step-inside seats were benches, rather than the leather saloon-type seats visible inside the car shown below.
The fact that the car's registration is visible (A 762), and that it is righthand-drive, may help shed light on this car, the location, and possibly the chap stood alongside it. The scene has a feel of the Colonies to it.
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Original Opel Super 6 photo
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