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See Homepage. This page: Period photos of a pre-war Morris Ten Six saloon car, registered in South Africa.
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1930s Morris 10/6.

Visually at least, there is little to differentiate a six-cylinder Morris 10/6 from its smaller-engined brother, the (pre-Series) 10/4 of the early 1930s. Other than a slightly longer wheelbase (six inches longer than the four-cylinder car), a six-cylinder engine of 1378cc, and revised gear ratios, the differences were few. Had it not been for the giveaway "SIX" legend on this car's radiator, I'd have assumed that this example was just another pre-Series 10/4.
Basil in Cape Town kindly sent these photographs over for the site. They turned up in some old family photos that came into his possession, he did some digging around online and found a photo of a similar car in the Mystery Car section of, and so sent these over for inclusion. Thanks!
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Morris 10/6 saloon
In addition to the saloon version shown above, buyers could instead opt for a two-seater, a tourer, or the stylish Special Coupe - which retailed for 215 pounds in 1934. Despite the car's name, it was actually rated at 12HP (RAC) for tax purposes rather than the 10HP rating of the four-cylinder car.
Basil also turned up the following photo of the pre-war Morris. He adds:
"This one was taken on the then-new scenic mountain coastal drive known as "Chapmans Peak Drive" ... south of Cape Town. It was un-tarred in those days of course. The car in the background is partially hidden. Another one to possibly identify?"
Another view of the Morris Ten-Six

Edmund & Jones "Bullet" headlamps.

This photo is interesting not just for the Morris, but for the tourer in the background. The styling suggests an American car, and the distinctive radiator, with the three vertical bars, reminds me very much of a Chandler. But even rarer than the car itself are the teardrop-type headlamps fitted to it. Identical lamps feature on a vintage Packard in this image archive, and they were identified as being E&J Type 20 "Bullet" headlamps, produced by Edmunds and Jones and were quite rare accessories even in the 1920s and 1930s.
Thanks again to Basil for sending these great photos over.
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