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See Homepage. This page: A US photo of a typical Texaco gas station in the seventies.
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Texaco petrol station in the 1970s.

1970's America rarely features in old photos posted within this section of the site, but this photo, of a Texaco fuel station somewhere in the USA in the late seventies, is just that. The location though isn't given, nor is the reason for this picture being taken - perhaps on completion of a forecourt make-over?
Nearest the photographer is a Chevrolet Blazer fleetside from about 1977/1978, and alongside is parked a fairly gruesomely-styled (IMO) Ford LTD from a few years earlier - surely one of the more hideous land-yachts of the era from a mainstream US car manufacturer? Not that the competition was much more stylish to be honest, and this from a country that delivered so many eye-catching designs just a couple of decades earlier. As for the other cars in shot, I'm not sure. However, Bill dropped me a line shortly after this page went "live" with the following information (thanks Bill):
"The red two door is a full size Ford of 1968, the same basic structure as the wagon at the pump, which got the ugly nose at the next "refresh". The other car at the pump is a Ford Torino (mid size) of 1971. A little hard to be sure, but the bike looks like a 3 cylinder Kawasaki. My Dad used a '67 Ford wagon for race car pull duty, they were good cars for their era and nationality, but each style update detracted from the aesthetic!"
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Texaco gas petrol station
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