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See Homepage. This page: Original photo of a classic Ford Thunderbird (fourth generation) automobile of 1964.
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Ford Thunderbird of 1964 - 1966.

The fourth iteration of the classic Thunderbird, called the "Jet Bird", was introduced in 1964, and with it a less curved appearance when compared to the outgoing models. Roger was kind enough to forward this photograph of a 1964 T-Bird, which he took in the Philippines as he now relates:
"I have enclosed a photo of a T-Bird we were lucky to ride in during a visit to NAS (Naval Air Station) Sangley Point in the Philippines circa 1963/4. The car was owned by a Petty Officer who looked after us socially whilst we were on exercise with the US Navy and Australian Air Force. My squadron (205) flew MR2 Shackletons. This car was a dream to ride in and looked immaculate. I never got to drive it unfortunately but just being driven around was magic."
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1964 Thunderbird
Two versions of the Thunderbird's 390 cu in (6.9 litre) V8 engine were offered in 1964, coupled to a three-speed auto transmission. As was typical with many American cars, each year would see further revisions to the car's styling. Directional turn indicators were introduced in 1965, as was a reverse "U" shape trim behind the front wheels. The 1966 car would be further revised cosmetically, prior to the fifth generation T-Bird of 1967 hitting the highways.
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