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Tri-ang's Car-Car rocker.

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Tri-ang car-car rocking toy from the 1950s
Tri-ang catalogue
Found in an old Triang catalogue.
I think this classic Tri-ang Car-Car rocker dates to the 1950s, as it shares the basic frame design with the simple rocking horses that were on offer at the time, albeit with a different seating arrangement. But instead of a horse's head at the front, with a handle sprouting from either side for the child to hold on to, the Car-Car features a wooden car dashboard, and a smart metal car steering wheel, with a chrome centre and a horn button. The example shown is in original and unrestored condition. The 'dashboard' contains images of four gauges, namely a 180mph speedometer (the needle pointing to approximately 140mph), a combined oil and water temperature gauge, a fuel gauge, and a tachometer (set to just under 4500rpm). The footrest has the Tri-ang name pressed into it. The seat features both the 'Tri-ang' and the 'CAR-CAR' names on it, along with 'Made in England' as you'd expect.
I've looked around the 'net but found virtually no information about these rocking cars, so whether they were only offered for a few years, and therefore made in smaller numbers than the rocking horses, I've no idea, but if more information comes to light, I'll add it on here.
Tri-ang rocker
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