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Crescent Jaguar sports car diecast toy

D Type Jag

D-Type sportscar by The Crescent Toy Co. Ltd

Similar but larger to the D-Type offered by Dinky, the Crescent version of this classic Jaguar is my favourite and looks superb on its spoked wheels, even though the actual cars raced ran on lightweight alloy Dunlop rims. This toy is in very nice original condition and shows no signs of the cracking that can affect Crescent castings - the important thing is to store these toys in an atmosphere that doesn't experience wild fluctuation in temperature, as this can hasten any weaknesses in the casting and risk ruining a lovely 1950s toy car. A period photo of a short-nose D-Type can be seen here.

Measures: 100mm in length. Approximate value 40 GBP+

Colour: green, solid metal spoke-effect hubs, rubber tyres, loose driver, green base

The advertisement for the Crescent D-Type shown below dates to 1958. Including Purchase Tax, the toy was priced at 3s 3d.

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Crescent advert for the Jaguar D-Type
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