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Crescent Vanwall GP car.

Vanwall GP car

Vanwall Grand Prix car by Crescent Toys

Second of the photographs kindly sent over by Crescent collector Michael, this time showing the British Vanwall Grand Prix car finished in BRG, from the late 1950s. The late 1950s would be the twilight years for the front-engined Grand Prix cars. The Vanwall was designed to take the fight to the foreign competition, and was piloted with great success by drivers such as Stirling Moss, Stuart Lewis-Evans and Tony Brooks. The wind-cheating bodywork was by Frank Costin, and the chassis by Colin Chapman. In 1958 Vanwall would win the constructors' championship, but the drivers' championship would elude the car's drivers. The diecast Vanwall shown here is one of the rarest of all the Crescent toys, and is much scarcer than the Dinky Vanwall. Perhaps easiest of all the toy Vanwalls to find are the plastic friction-drive Vanwalls produced by ELM of Hong Kong.

Measures: 100mm in length. Approximate value 40+

Colour: green, solid metal spoke-effect hubs, rubber tyres, loose driver, green base

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