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Dinky Toy Cunningham code 133

Dinky Cunningham code #133

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The toy Cunningham shown here has been repainted I think, the factory team cars when run in 1950s sports car competitions had a blue stripe over the centre of the bodywork., and the toy had a number 31 on the bonnet and doors. Briggs Cunningham only built one example of the C-5R, to compete against the work teams such as Jaguar at Le Mans in 1953. On the Mulsanne Straight the C-5R could outrun the Jaguar, but the latter made up time thanks to its advanced disc brakes. You can read more about Briggs Cunningham here.

Measures: 98mm in length. Approximate value 10-15

Colour: white, car no.31, solid metal blue hubs, rubber tyres, fixed driver, black riveted base

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