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1955-1957 Triumph TR3.

This colour photo of a Triumph TR3 in the 1960s was kindly sent over by Brian Reid, one of several images he sent over. He owned a number of interesting cars throughout the '60s, including an NSU Prinz, a "Frogeye" Sprite, and a Mustang. The TR3 though must have left a lasting impression, as he now owns another example (in red). The first TR though was finished in a pale blue colour, with a white hood and matching wire wheels. It was registered ULH 6, a London series that first came into being during 1957, the final year of production before the revised TR3A took over in Standard-Triumph showrooms.
The TR3 was itself an updated version of a previous model, the 1953-1955 TR2, an example of which may be found on this page, here at OCC.
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1957 Triumph TR3
Propelling Triumph's TR3 to a 105 mph maximum was the company's trusty four-cylinder ohv engine, initially in 1991cc, later 2138cc, guise. At a time when the roads were still resonating to the burble of pre-war saloons that struggled to exceed 60 mph, going downhill with a tailwind, cars such as the TR3 were viewed as being respectably rapid. Young chaps in their tweed caps and stringback gloves, would aspire to cars just like this, but often had to make do with wheezy Fords, and asthmatic Austins, held together with twine and optimism.
TRs of the 1950s appear in several films of the era. The clip below features a LHD TR3A in film "Aimez vous Brahms" in 1961 for example.
Another 3A, joined by a Porsche 356, an MGB, and an MGA, also star - alongside several maidens of ill repute - in a clip taken from the amusingly cheesy 1966 film titled "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!".
Thanks again for sending the photos over Brian. His current TR3 is shown below, taking part in the drivers' parade at the 2014 Australian Grand Prix.
Red Triumph TR3 in Australia
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