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See Homepage. This page: This is the first photo of a two-tone Mayflower I've come across, this one resided in Australia.
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Triumph Mayflower.

Among many photographs that Brian sent from Australia, was this example featuring a very British Triumph Mayflower. Whereas UK-market cars tended to be black, or maybe grey, Mayflowers sent overseas seem to have been finished in much jollier colours. This "razor edge" Triumph has a two-tone paint job, and an external sunvisor. The presence of an aerial on the front wing also hints at a valve radio lurking within this quirky car's interior.
A post-war Triumph Mayflower car
Brian adds: "This photo was taken in the early 1960's. I mentioned to Ron [Brian's father-in-law] that the shape of the Mayflower was very angular but he replied "True, but it rolled well." Apparently it didn't like going into corners too well and once when Ron went in a bit hard, it rolled over. I remember it standing damaged in the yard in 1968."
Production of the distinctive-looking Mayflower commenced in 1949 and continued until 1953. Under the bonnet lay a 1247cc sidevalve four cylinder engine, an evolution of a unit used in the pre-war Standard 10 (by this time Triumph had been taken over by the Standard Motor Company). Road testers of the day managed to push the Mayflower to a heady 62.9 mph, hardly earth-shattering perhaps but it was a heavy little car and had to make do with an engine producing 38bhp. Priced at 505 GBP in 1950, it was up against similarly-sized, albeit lower-spec'd, competition from Morris, in the shape of their new-for-1948 Minor, which undercut the Mayflower by some margin at just 382 GBP. It shared it's angular styling with the larger Renown, although the latter carried the style off somewhat more comfortably I think.
Interestingly, a buyer walking into an Australian Standard-Triumph dealership could also opt for a ute, or pickup, version of the Triumph Mayflower, a model never offered in the UK. A drophead coupe version was offered in Britain, but only a mere ten or so were ever built. Big thanks to Brian for scanning and sending this photo over.
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