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1967 Spitfire Mk3 rebuild story.

Story of a 2 seat Triumph restoration.

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In January of 2006, I heard from Pavel Lamla who lives in the Czech Republic, telling me about the Triumph Spitfire restoration that he performed on a 1967 Mk3 Spit (same year as the Spitfire I owned many many years ago!). Pavel is a big fan of British-built classic cars, and has a few in his immaculate collection, including an Austin Healey 3000 .. he says:

"I bought it 5 years ago from Italy. It is a MK3 from 1967, with body number 2073L. All its original body was repaired and painted to the original red colour".

The photograph below shows the finished result ...

1967 Spitfire in restored condition

Pavel continues ...

"My Mark III model, with Car/chassis number FD/2073L, was built on 6 March 1967 and despatched on 3 April 1967 to the official dealer Blane & Paiche S.A., of Geneva, Switzerland. In Switzerland it stayed up to 1976, and was then sold to Italy. There it was used by a young man and the Spitfire was later registered in the Triumph Club of Italy, in approximately 1987. Two years later it was stored in northern Italy, and in 1998 was sold to a car dealer in Modena (Auto-Speak).

I visited the Ferrari museum in Modena and called in to the Auto Speak dealership, and saw a small red car - I was in love with it at first sight. This was in June 2000". The first of the photographs below show it in the Modena showroom ...

Triumph restoration

"I bought it and moved it to my home in the Czech Republic. Spiti looked very nice and had all parts, but the body was very rusted. I decided to fully restore it. The whole re-construction took six months, and I spent more than 900 hours working on the car. Spiti is registered on a Czech plate and has been a member of the Veteran Car Club of Ostrava, and the Spitfire Club of Germany, since 2001. Ever since, we have driven it to many exhibitions of classic cars and compete in regularity races. "

Thanks for the story Pavel, and for the great photos!

Spitfire parked with other classic cars

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