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See Homepage. This page: 1960s' snapshot of a Turner sportscar in action at a sprint meeting.
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Nigel photographed this Mk1 Turner-Climax at the Chateau Impney Sprint, held in Droitwich, 1967. The driver was Mike Butcher. The Turner doesn't sport a registration plate sadly, although it could well be that Mike removed the bumper and numberplate assembly prior to competing as the car, with its wing mirrors and hardtop, looks otherwise road-ready. The Mk1 and Mk2 Turners looked very similar from the front, although the lack of bonnet bulge suggest to me this is a Mk1, built in either 1959 or 1960. This version was designed for either a BMC A-Series or Coventry Climax engine, this being a Climax-powered example. Ford engines would be an option for buyers of the Mk2.
Does anyone know more about this particular car?
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Turner sportscar
Turner sportscars were the brainchild of Jack Turner. His first cars' component parts were assembled at a facility in Seisdon, Staffordshire, before a move to Wolverhampton, initially in Merridale Street and shortly afterwards at the Municipal Aerodrome, Pendeford, which is where the example shown above would have been produced, in kit form. Incidentally, a photo of an earlier Turner powered by a Lea-Francis engine, may now be found on this page.

In-period advertisements for Turners.

Next, a selection of advertisements for the mildly-revised Mk2. The "Fabulous Turner Mk.II", as on sale with Motorway Sales (Derby) Ltd, at their garage located on Station Approach in the city. By this time, 1961, BMC and Coventry Climax engines were still listed as options, but were joined now by the OHV units more commonly found propelling Ford 105E Anglias. The Ford- and Austin-powered versions were on sale for 550UKP, while the 1220cc Climax was noticeably more expensive at 800UKP.
Turner Mk2 advertisement
The second advertisement was issued later in the same year, 1961, and features an illustration of a rakish Mk2 rather than a photograph. Rather than being a dealer advert, this was for the manufacturer itself. Reference to its "race-proved chassis" reminds readers of the cars' extensive successes in competition, which continue to this day.
Another ad from later in 1961
The type's use in competition lead to many modifications being offered to Turner drivers by third-party tuning houses, especially as many were already involved in tuning BMC and Ford engines fitted to other cars. One of the best-known companies that would be associated with this marque is Alexander, who offered kits either in standard form, or including Alexander tuning parts. Here for example there is mention of the alloy crossflow head that they'd developed to suit the 948cc BMC A-Series engine. Assembly of a car was quoted as taking in the region of 25 hours, although Alexander could also supply fully-built examples, at extra cost.
The Alexander Turner Mk2 sportscar
Visit page 17 in the vintage gallery, or return to the gallery's main index page. Driver Mike Butcher can also now been seen behind the wheel of a Marcos Fastback GT at the Prescott hillclimb, in the late 1960s.

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