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See Homepage. This page: Photo of an Army lorry serving out in the desert during the Second World War.
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V8 Ford 098T 3-ton truck.

Next of the photographs that Margaret sent over is this interesting photo of a V8 Ford lorry parked in the Western Desert during WW2. The Ford, an 098T 3 ton model, was supplied by America but was actually built in Canada. Margaret's father drove this lorry, or truck as perhaps it should be called being an US/Canadian vehicle, while serving in the Army. It was named "Molly", after Margaret's mother. The number on the bonnet may well read L 4627153, or possibly L 1627153, although it isn't totally legible. I'm hoping that a military vehicle expert will be able to shed light on the plate - depicting a camel - mounted just below the V8 Ford truck's headlamp.
Update. I'm reliably informed that the camel plate signifies Middle East Command. Peter adds:
GHQ Middle East. A brown or gold camel, although yellow paint instead of gold was used on vehicles. The Areas under command were: Egypt, Palestine & Transjordan, Cyprus, The Sudan, Aden, British Somaliland, Iraq, the Shores of the Persian Gulf, East Africa, Crete, and Greece.
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A V8 Ford army truck in the war
A number of wartime photos of trucks serving with the US Army, are being added to this page.
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