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1. Phase 3 Standard Vanguard.

Earlier Standard Vanguards are well represented in the old photos that feature on the site, but the later Phase 3 Vanguards feature less often. In fact until this page was added, only a Phase 3 estate flew the flag for these later variants within this archive of older pictures. A photo of a Phase 3 parked outside a public house has now turned up, and is shown below, with a few other classic cars for company.
The Standard was registered 1313 EV, pointing to an early life in the Essex area. To the car's right is a Mk1 Cortina, while to the left is a (Mk1) Mini-Minor and what looks to be a two-tone Wartburg 311, with its driver's door slightly ajar.
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Standard Vanguard Phase 3 car
The Vanguard had seen some use by the time of this photograph, judging by how dirty it is. GB plates affixed to the bootlid suggest some time spent on foreign roads, perhaps it was having to drive on the right that led to its owner fitting an extra-wide rear-view mirror to the Standard.
Is this an example of the Standard Vanguard Vignale?

2. Roger's red and white Phase 3 Vanguard.

The following three photos were kindly sent over by Roger, and all feature his Vanguard Phase 3 registration 341 BRT from 1959. About the Standard Roger adds:
"The three images are of my great old Standard Vanguard Phase III which was a really super car. Built like a tank with paint work that was so strong you could bounce a brick off it without damage - if you know what I mean. I regret not having a colour photo as the car was red and white and immaculate. I drove this all up and down the east coast of UK when serving with 202 Sqdn RAF Air Sea Rescue. If I remember correctly it had 'wet liners' and the engine was the same as the Triumph TR2."
First of the three photographs is an offside view of the classic Standard. Note the rare exterior sunvisor fitted to Roger's car. In the background there are examples of Vauxhall Victor 101 and Mk2 Jaguar.
Another classic Vanguard
Next, a front three-quarter view of the two-tone Standard. A pair of chrome wing mirrors, and a pull-up radio aerial can be seen clearly. Above the tax disc is, I think, a transfer featuring a penguin reminding Roger to replace his car's anti-freeze regularly.
Frontal view of the Vanguard
The last of Roger's three photos is a head-on shot of the immaculate Standard. A 100E can be seen in a neighbour's drive. Thanks again to Roger for sending these period shots in.
Head-on view of the car

3. Standard Vanguard Sportsman rally car.

Annette contacted me about an existing page on the site, that refers to Standard-Triumph agency D. Redfearn Ltd, of Berwick on Tweed. Her father (Jim) worked at the garage as Foreman, and worked on many Standards and Triumphs over the years. One notable car was a Vanguard Sportsman that was set to compete on the Monte Carlo rally, in the hands of driver Jack Stoddart. The following photo shows Jack, stood with his son Bill, alongside the rally-prepared Sportsman. Clearly the modifications made to the car included the fitment of extra illumination, including an adjustable roof lamp, handy for picking out road signs while pressing on at speed during night sections of the rally.
Vanguard Sportsman prepared for the Monte Carlo Rally
It seems that Mr Stoddart was a regular campaigner in rallies, at the wheel of Standard motor-cars. Can anyone shed more light on this particular Vanguard, entry number 110? Thanks for the photo Annette.
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