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Homepage. This page: A photo of two chaps perched on their vintage Vauxhall touring car, built in the early 1920s.
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1. Vauxhall 14/40.

This old car photo turned up some time ago, and was bundled in with a number of other Vauxhall images, all of which date to the 1920s. The model featured here is the Vauxhall 14/40 LM of the early 1920s, in tourer form with its roof folded. The step on the rear mudguard hints at a dickey seat incorporated within the tail, handy for when the mother-in-law came to stay.
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Vauxhall 14/40 tourer
The four cylinder M-Type 14/40 was introduced in 1921, and was positioned in the range as a more affordable option to the pricier D-Type and E-Type. Originally fitted with a three-speed gearbox and disc wheels, the Type M received a four-speeder in 1924 and the model was re-christened as the 14/40 LM. Four wheel braking and spoked wheels would also now feature on these vintage 14hp Vauxhalls and, for the 1927 year (the final year of production), the option of a pre-selector 'box was made available.
The car shown above is a 2/3 seat tourer, there was also a full 4-seater Princeton Open Tourer (below), the Bedford Saloon, a stately Kimberley Limousine, the Wyvern Landaulet (a model name that would continue to be used into the 1950s), the Grafton Coupe, and also the Melton 2-Seater - which is probably the model shown above. 5,300 14/40s would be built between 1922 and 1927, the model straddling the take-over of Vauxhall by General Motors in 1925.

2. A 14/40 Princeton.

The next shot was sent over by Clive, a visitor to the site, he found it in an old album and was hoping that the car could be identified. I recognised it as a Vauxhall, and fellow VSCC-ers pinpointed the model as being an early 14/40 Princeton, the cantilever rear springs and disc wheels aiding the car's identification.
14/40 Princeton tourer

3. A 1920s two-seat tourer near Glen Shiel.

Vauxhall M-Type registration NM 5085 stars in the following photographs. It appears to be another example of an early 14/40 M-Type, with the disc wheels that identifies cars built in the early years of this model's run. The car shares its coachwork with the two-seater that features at the top of this page, a Melton tourer.
Both shots shown below were taken on a tour of Scotland during the 1920s, the first has the following handwritten note on its reverse:
"Hill road near Dornie, looking towards Glen Shiel".
Vauxhall 14/40 Melton tourer
The scenery was of more importance to the photographer than the car, so here's a closer look at the Vauxhall itself.
A closer look at the Vauxhall
The second of the photos also features the tourer parked at a quiet roadside in Scotland. Here the location is given as:
"Deer fence over rivers at Dundreggan, ?????? Bridge, Glenmoriston".
There aren't too many roads in that area, the A887 passes over the bridge in Glenmoriston, and a side road leading away from it is probably the location of this scene.
The Vauxhall at Glenmoriston
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