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See Homepage. This page: An interesting photo of a pre-war Vauxhall 14 cabriolet, or dhc (drophead coupe).
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Vauxhall DX Cabriolet.

Thanks to Charles for this next old car image, scanned and cropped from a tiny picture taken in the late 1940s or early 1950s. The car is a Vauxhall 14hp DX, of 1938 or thereabouts, with three-position cabriolet, or dhc (drophead coupe) coachwork. Many Vauxhalls of this era were bodied by coachbuilder Tickford, and I've seen photos of cars very similar to this one produced by that firm. Coachbuilder Whittingham and Mitchell also produced an open tourer based on the Vauxhall's six-cylinder running gear. The majority of 14hp Light Six DX Vauxhalls though were standard, four-door six-light saloons (a selection of Vauxhall 14 saloons can be found on this page).
This Light Six's cabriolet roof could be located in one of three positions - fully closed, fully open and folded back, or partially open, as is the case with the car shown below. In this configuration, the rear seat passengers are protected from the weather, while the occupant(s) in the front can enjoy open-top motoring. Earlier cars would have had spoked wire wheels, while those from the latter-end of the 1930s had moved onto pressed steel rims as seen here.
Note the use of three sturdy (rear-set) door hinges, to support the heavy coachbuilt doors.
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Vauxhall 14hp Cabriolet
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