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See Homepage. This page: Examples of the vintage D-Type Vauxhall, with disc wheels and auster screen.
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1. A Vauxhall 25hp D-Type.

The vintage car shown below is a 25hp Vauxhall D-Type, built 1914 - 1915 I'm told. Two hatted gents are sat in the front, while their good ladies relax in the rear compartment, protected a little from the wind by a 3-part auster screen. Their pet pooch is perched patiently on the running board, no doubt secretly hoping that he'll be going along for the ride too, rather than being left with the lady stood alongside the Vauxhall's spare wheel. Note the car's disc wheel covers, a feature of the D-Type at this time.
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Vauxhall D-Type
D-Type Vauxhalls were produced from 1912, and throughout the Great War for use by the armed forces. They were based on the previous C-Type (or "Prince Henry") chassis, but with a de-tuned 3969cc engine, and continued to be built in large numbers after the Armistice, alongside the sporting E-Type 30/98 Vauxhalls. By 1922, some 4,500 D-Types had been built.

2. Three photos of a different D-Type.

The next three photographs in this collection feature a D-Type Vauxhall registration number BH 5953, a Buckinghamshire-area number used from 1903 to 1923. I'm told that BH 5953 would have been issued in mid-1920, although the car itself was built circa 1915. Therefore it could well be an ex-War Department staff car that was registered when it entered civilian ownership.
The first shot shows a large family stood in the foreground, with the vintage D-Type nestled in the background. An ink-written note on the rear of this image confirms that it was taken at Whitsun, in 1928, at "Birking Hills" - although I'm unable to find a reference to anywhere of this name.
Another c1915 Vauxhall D-Type car
The second photo shows the car parked at Knoll Park, Sevenoaks, on July 25th 1929.
The pre-war Vauxhall parked at Knoll Park in Kent
The final picture shows the Vauxhall in a suburban setting, again with a large group of people present. A sign on the garage behind advises that it was up for rent - perhaps the Vauxhall lived in it?
One more view of this WW1 era Vauxhall D-Type tourer
Other vintage and pre-war Vauxhalls in this section include a fine 1927-on 20/60 tourer, and this 14/40 tourer.
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