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See Homepage. This page: Four original photos of two Bugattis parked at a historic racing car meeting in the 1960s.
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Bugatti Type 35.

Despite the four photographs on this page not featuring Bugattis when they were racing in their heyday of the 1920s and 1930s, they are old enough I think to now feature in this section of the site. They all date to the 1960s, and were probably taken at a VSCC (Vintage Sports Car Club) meeting. The car is an eight cylinder, un-supercharged, Bugatti Type 35, with a similar (albeit supercharged) Bugatti parked alongside for company. A Mk8 Jaguar can be seen parked in the background of the first Bugatti photograph.

Type 35T.

Several different versions of the Bugatti Type 35 were produced, following the launch of the original Type 35 in 1924. The eight cylinder Type 35A (1926-1929) had wire wheels and coil ignition, and was fitted with twin Solex or Zenith carburettors. The Type 35C was fitted with a roots-type supercharger. The supercharged Type 35B was introduced in 1927, and came fitted with Bugatti's 2.3 litre straight-eight, as also found in the Type 35T. Given that the car shown below is un-supercharged, I think it is a Type 35T (for Targa Florio), fed by twin carburettors with magneto ignition. Supercharged cars, like the one alongside in photo number two, have a small hole in the offside bonnet panel, high up, for the relief valve.
If this isn't a Type 35T, please let me know and I'll amend this page.
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Bugatti Type 35 racing car
The second of these photos shows the same car, with another Bugatti parked close by. Note the externally-mounted gearchange and handbrake levers, a feature of the T35s.
Two vintage Bugattis

The Bugatti's engine.

The Type 35's bonnet has now been raised, and the straight-eight engine can be seen in its un-supercharged form. The magneto is mounted in the dashboard (which can be seen in the final photo), in this image the eight HT leads can be seen exiting the tube that passes through the bulkhead to the magneto.
The Type 35 Bugatti engine

Dashboard view.

The final photograph reveals the Bugatti's dashboard, and its engine-turned finish. The mag can be seen sat in the centre of the dash, with the HT leads exiting back into the engine compartment. The belief that these photos date to the 1960s is confirmed by the vehicles visible in the distance, which include example(s) of E-Type and Mk2 Jaguar, an MGB, a tweaked Mini and a Triumph Spitfire.
The Bugatti's engine-turned dashboard
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