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See Homepage. This page: Three unusual photos of a 1920's Chevy National Tourer AB car, on a wooden raft.
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1928 Chevrolet National Tourer.

This series of photographs features a 1928 Chevrolet Tourer, plus another similar car, being ferried across a river by wooden raft. The location isn't given, however it all looks very Empire-like, presumably in the 1930s. The first of the photographs shows the car just as it was setting sail from the shoreline, the car's tracks in the loose dirt can be seen in the background. At least one of the children in the Chevrolet seems a little upset by the experience. In all three photographs, an interesting metal truss-type bridge can be seen close by - perhaps for rail travellers only?
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1928 Chevrolet National Series AB tourer on a raft
Now, a photo from the rear of the raft. The photographer was stood alongside the second car, looking past the Chevrolet to the distant shore.
Rear view of the '28 Chevrolet
Finally, a good clear look at the Chevrolet, its 1928-year radiator design clear to see. The occupants of the car were preparing to disembark from the wooden raft at the time of this last shot, the vessel's operator is seen preparing the planks of wood acting as ramps. Maybe the style of registration plate fitted to the tourer will help pinpoint the location, or approximate location, of this scene?
1928 Chevrolet - front view
A closer look at the front registration plate:
The Chevy's registration plate
Return to Page 15 in the gallery of vintage cars and vehicles. A couple of other photos also featuring a vintage Chevrolet, of a different year, can be seen on this page. An example of 1929 Chevrolet AC Series may be found here.

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