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The PH registration series allocated to this late-vintage Lagonda 14/60 semi-sports tourer, indicates a life spent on the roads in and around Surrey. The following photographs though were all taken in more distant locations, probably southern Europe, during a continental road trip. No notes accompany the images, so a certain amount of guesswork is required. The car's registration is PH 6560. PH registrations were issued from May 1927 to May 1928 only, thus helping to pinpoint the Lagonda's age with some accuracy. Powering the 2 Litre 14/60 was a newly-introduced twin overhead camshaft engine, of 1954cc.
This car no longer features in a search of the DVLA database, so chances are it ended its days beneath the scrap man's gas torch.
First in this collection, is a frontal view of the car parked at the side of a road in a mountainous location. A gent with a wheeled cart, drawn by a pair of sturdy-looking dogs, poses for a photograph being taken by the lady on the right. I wonder where her photograph ended up, and did she realise that she too was being photographed at that moment?
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1927/1928 Lagonda tourer
Of the five photographs in this set, only two are printed on the same size of paper. Photograph number two, for example, is much larger than number one. Two ladies, dressed in attire suited to open-top motoring, stand alongside their trusty steed. An item of luggage wedged between the spare wheel and the coachwork, is a reminder that open cars of that era, have very little luggage space. Few had opening boots at the rear, so suitcases and holdalls would need to be packed in around the car's occupants, and strapped to a rear luggage rack if fitted. Owners of cars such as the Ford Model T, could buy a fold-out frame that fitted to the edge of the car's running boards, allowing more bags to be stacked in those positions. Note the split, opening, "V" windscreen fitted to 14/60s.
Front view of the car
The car's owner must have been fond of top-down motoring, as the hood is raised in none of these pictures. The Lagonda is shown here parked next to a craggy outcrop.
Parked at the roadside
The following print mixes black and white, with sepia highlights. Eagle-eyed readers will spot that this photo is in fact reversed - the registration plate is a clear giveaway.
Lagonda 14/60 tourer
Completing this set is a rear view of the same car. As in a couple of the other photos, snow-topped mountains frame the scene. Here, the smartly-dressed motorists study a guidebook, or possibly a map. The sidescreens are in evidence here, and the Auster screen - designed to protect the rear seat passengers from oft-chilly blasts of cold air - can be seen. Alas the writing on the signposts cannot be made out.
Rear view
Finally for this page, a closer look at the car from photo five, above.
A closer look at the Lagonda
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