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See Homepage. This page: Seen in the early 1930s, an American Maxwell touring car of the 1920s.
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Maxwell Model 25.

Betty emailed over this photograph of a large touring car in mid-2012 from her home in California. The gent pictured sat with the car is her father, and the photograph is dated 1st November 1933. Betty was confident that the car was somewhat earlier than the date of the photo, as her father wasn't in the position to be buying a brand new car at the time. John Warburton, a stalwart of the VSCC for more than a few years, identified the car as a 1922 Maxwell Model 25. The car's distinguishing features include the dished wheels with detachable rims (reminiscent of those fitted to certain Studebakers), and the double swage line that can be seen in the side valance, above the running board.
Details that differentiate this 1922 car from the 1923 season include the painted radiator surround (it would be plated for the following season, as would the headlamps), and the lack of exterior door handles.
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1922 Maxwell automobile
In 1924 Maxwell merged with Chalmers, to create the Maxwell-Chalmers marque. Shortly after the new company was taken over entirely by a certain Walter P. Chrysler (he'd previously had a controlling interest), his plan being to produce a modern, quality car, and the Maxwell would be the starting point of his dream. The Model 25 of 1922 was the first to feature a new engine under its bonnet, designed by a former employee of the Willys-Overland organisation. In 1922 over 55,000 examples were sold, transforming the profitability of the company following several lean years.
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