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Homepage. This page: A family enjoy a snack, alongside their circa 1925 Willys Overland Model 91 sedan.
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A Willys Overland in British Columbia, Canada.

While researching the identity of the following car, Rob sent over a copy of this old family photo to get a second opinion. One car that had made it onto his list of possibilities was Willys Knight, or something of that ilk. I think that it's a circa 1925 Overland Model 91, or Overland Four, in two-door sedan (saloon) guise. Friends of mine used to own something very similar, albeit in tourer form.
The LHD Overland sports a British Columbia licence plate, dated 1928. An unidentified badge is fitted above it - hopefully one of the visitors to this page from BC will be able to identify this extra fitting. There appears to be a crown at the top, with text extending across the badge from left to right.
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Vintage Willys Overland car, circa 1925
Advertising for the Overland Four in the 1920s
Powering the Overland Four of the early 1920s, was a four-cylinder engine that produced 27hp. One notable design feature was the suspension, that unlike the contemporary Model T Ford with its single tranverse front spring, incorporated a pair of quarter-elliptic springs, mounted in a "V" arrangement.

Overland sales agency, Surrey.

Several years ago, I received a scan of an old photo that portrays an old motor agency located in Surrey. The garage had a finger in many pies, one of which was being an approved sales agency for Overland motor-cars. They also sold the compact Rover 8. More information regarding this old agency, and photographs of the premises, may be found on this page, on Old Classic Car.
Thanks for allowing me to share the photo on OCC.
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