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See Homepage. This page: A fully laden KJ-series Renault tourer with its roof folded, ready for a run out.
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1923-1924 Renault KJ (6CV).

Several vintage Renaults were in the running when it came to identifying this particular car, although only two or three were likely candidates. There are many similarities with the Renault NN series of 1924 - 1930, but several details - for example the exposed filler caps on the scuttle, and the horizontally-divided windscreen - suggest a slightly earlier model. The forerunner of the NN series was the KJ, or KJ1, a model built in 1923 and 1924 only. The coachwork looks very similar to photos I've seen of preserved KJs, although the MT of 1923 - 1925 certainly looks very similar, especially from the front.
The KJ was available as a four door torpedo, its 951cc 6CV (15HP) engine driving the rear wheels via a 3-speed gearbox.
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Renault KJ tourer
The sub-1 litre engine powering the Renault certainly had its work cut out in propelling this complement of passengers at anything above 30 mph or so. Unfortunately only part of the car's registration number is visible, but the style of plate coupled with the car being RHD suggests a UK scene. The sign for Wills Gold Flake tobacco in the background tends to confirm this theory. Female drivers were few and far between in the early twenties, "their place" being in the home baking cakes rather than grappling with such fiendishly complicated technology as employed in the modern motor car, or so was the common belief in many quarters at the time. In fact advertising for many Light Cars of the day made a point of having light, easy-to-manage controls, ideal for dainty lady drivers.
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