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A pair of Classic Austins living in Canada

Thanks to Earl, who dropped me a line and sent the photos of two Austins living out in Canada. One is an A40 Mark 1, ripe for restoration by the looks of things, and the other is the export version of the UK's Austin 1100, tweaked and re-badged as the Austin America, the car shown below dating to 1969.

Austin America - owned in Canada!!

Austin A40 Farina
Earl's note read as follows:

"Greetings from Canada. My name is Earl Sharpe and I have the fortune of being the second owner of the attached A40 MK1. My father was the first and original new owner.

This vehicle (seen in the photograph alongside) is now nestled in my garage and hopefully it will rejoin the highways of New Brunswick in the coming year. I have a few questions
concerning parts and numbers though. In 1960 and 1961 the Farina's changed from the 1958 and 1959 models. Is there any source that identifies the numbers produced and the numbers remaining for the 2 years before the next change?

I am looking for body trim which goes on the fenders and doors in particular.

I also own the second attached vehicle which is the 1969 Austin America."

Are there any other A40 enthusiasts in Canada that can help with parts to restore Earl's Mk1? please get in touch via the contact page and I'll forward your details on. Thanks for the photographs Earl, some more, including a photo of an Austin 1300 spares donor car, added below:

Austin America Austin America Austin America Austin America Austin America Austin America Austin 1300 donor car
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