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Austin Lorry in unrestored condition

Kerrie & Lothar Fromm have been in touch recently, asking for information on this old Austin lorry that they have, out in Australia. I was able to identify it as a K8 model, from the early 1950s, but I don't know much more other than that unfortunately. Can anyone offer more info on these interesting lorries, and suggest sources for spare parts, either in Australia or in the UK even?

If you can help, please drop me a line via the contact page and I'll forward the info on to Kerrie & Lothar, thanks.

[Update 2008 - Kerrie/Lothar, I've tried to forward some emails to your email address but they are bouncing back, can you let me know your new address if you call by here again? thanks]

K8 front 3/4 view
Given that it is over 50 years old, this interesting old Austin is in very solid looking condition, thanks entirely to the classic-friendly climate that vehicles in Australia enjoy, when compared to those living in the often-rainy UK.

K8 front end view
The Austin influences are clear from this head-on photograph, the grille being very reminiscent of those to be seen on A30s, A35s, mid 50s A40s and so on. Survivors are few and far between I believe, this model not being built for many years. This one looks to have originated in the New South Wales area.

K8 handbook
Kerrie is on the lookout for any original literature that covers this model, the scan here shows what the handbook for this 25cwt model commercial vehicle would look like, the one shown here applying to 1954 models.

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