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Thanks to Paul, who sent in this photo and story about his Corsair to include in the Your car stories section at oldclassiccar, if you'd like to see your car featured here, just drop me a line!

Ford Corsair
I am in to inline 1500 Ford Corsairs, and am a member of the owners club.

It was only in August 2002 that I finally decided to buy a classic car. It was a toss up between a pre crossflow MK1 Cortina, an FB Victor or a Corsair. It just so happened that the Corsair came up first.

It was in December 2002 and I was staying in Bristol at the time with nothing to do on the Saturday. There was a Corsair in Classic Car Weekly which had been advertised for a while but it was more than my budget. I phoned the guy and negociated a price prior to seeing the vehicle on the understanding that I could walk away if I didn't want to buy it.. The car was in Newbury and so off we went down the M4. I saw the car and it seemed OK, (I am no expert) and so I bought it.

I drove it back to my home in Yeovil and my friend followed in my normal car. It was a freezing cold day and I soon discovered that the heater wasn't working. I had never been so cold. I could even see my own breath inside the car every time I exhaled (heater problem since rectified!!).

I was really apprehensive as I wondered whether it would get me home. I must admit that it was a fantastic feeling driving along the dual carriage way. Loads of other drivers glanced as they overtook me. I needn't have worried as the car was fine and since then it has never let me down.

I haven't done much to the car as it was in pretty good nick to start with. I joined the club and started attending classic car shows in the summer of 2003. The Corsair must have been a fantastic car new as it drives wonderfully now. The ride is smooth and the seating position suits me perfectly. I really like the styling and the fact that they are a little more scarce on the roads compared to a lot of its contemporaries.

I have even set up my own website, www.fordconsulcorsair.co.uk.

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