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Morris Minor 1000 1970

Morris Minor
Welcome to my 1970 Morris Minor 1000, my first brave step into the world of classic car ownership! Not only did I decide to indulge my long-held desire to try running a classic instead of a boring modern car, I also took the plunge yet further and pressed it into service as my daily car, commuting as I do 30 miles each way to and from work, where I work in IT (Computing, to those fortunate souls who don't know their bits from their bytes!).

Morris Minor
These photos were taken on one fine day during my lunch hour, a time of day that I can often be found fettling and servicing this old BMC Morris, surrounded as I am by Subaru Imprezas and Type R Hondas as far as the eye can see. I'm very keen on the maintenance of my old Morris, and ensure that the service schedule is always followed, after all I rely on this old car! To make life a little easier, the Moggy has disc brakes up front, electronic ignition, and best of all, an LPG conversion!! So what with zero rate road tax through the cars age, cheap classic car insurance, and fuel that costs half of that used by normal petrol engined machines, this really is economy motoring on a grand scale!!
I purchased the car from a local specialist back in 1999, although as it turned out this was no guarantee that the car would be in top condition, as shortly after buying the car I had to have the engine rebuilt, plus there were problems with the door hinges and some other niggles - still, thats all sorted now, and I find pottering around in my old Morris a welcome break from the hassle of charging around in my wifes modern Ford Fiesta. I do have some plans to retire the Mog from fulltime front line service, in order that I can attend to a few areas of bodywork that really need sprucing up, but for now, this blue Minor 1000 will continue to be a regular sight on the roads between Liverpool and Knutsford. The Moggy has now been joined by a restored Bedford CA camper to keep it company.
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