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Triumph TR4 1962

Triumph TR4
The car is fairly typical of the vast majority of TR4s imported into the US in late 1962 and early 1963.
It is Signal Red, and after almost three years of restoration, now has new black leather seats and black vinyl interior with new charcoal gray rugs, restored white steel dashboard, 4-speed gearbox with the optional Laycock A-type overdrive unit and chrome wire wheels. I followed the advice I got from restoration books and on the Internet... and bought a car with the best body and frame I could find and afford.
Triumph TR4
It turns out that the reason my car is actually rust free (a miracle) is that it entered the U.S. at POE San Francisco. How it got to Buffalo, NY, where I found it, is beyond me.
This is the fulfillment of a long postponed project that started with the purchase of a 1962 BRG TR4 in the Spring of 1963. I owned the car for 3 years and sold it just before getting married. I regretted selling that car very much. For 30+ years I have had it in the back of mind that I would find one of these great cars one day, rebuild it and enjoy driving it again. My TR4 site.
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