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Thanks to George, who set off on the trail of a lesser-spotted Weyland caravan after hearing about it nestling at the bottom of someone's garden. George has a couple of classic folding caravans already, namely a Portafold and a rare Farlander, so was keen to find out more about this 1930s/1940s Weyland, photographed early in 2007...

Weyland caravan seen in a garden

George takes up the story ... "My brother and I went to Reading to see the Weyland. Oh dear it was a lot worse then I hoped, the covers have leaked (not surprising) and its damp and has had Mice or Sqirrels in the bedding one end. Its both horrible but great. I wish I took more photos but its difficult in a van plus the windows were small and dirty so the light was bad. Its difficult, its both bad as hell but surprisingly good in other ways. The outer edge is angled iron and the draw bar is an eyelet. No rear lights or board, no brakes so must have been made to be a static van. How the hubcaps look so good I don't know. This has sat in this garden as a summer house since 1963! Oh, yes, all 44 years of our climate in this place. Its a miracle that it is as good as this. The ceiling boards are all sagging, but the floor boards look good. The construction is alloy sheet over wooden frame with hardboard lining.

It is saveable but will need a total rebuild, a serious undertaking. The window frames are 'Crittall' metal frame types and the lead original by the look of it. Most of the interior fittings are saveable. The end bed pulls out from a settee to a double. The horsehair matresses look shot. The 'Belfast' sink is good and stove even has the old gass bottle! A wardrobe door opens out to partition-off the end bedroom. Under the carpet is the original pealing 1930's lino. The room is surprising low inside, I am 6' 2" and had to bow my head even at the highest point.

It would be a great shame if it were scrapped as I have never seen a Weyland before, and can't find any info on them. To compound the problem in getting it out, the drive is both downhill, narrow, and the existing concrete tracks very high in relation the the ground, quite horrible. The house is grade 1 listed, timber framed cottage and on a tight bend of a little narrow road. It could be done but not easily! I would worry it would fall to bids if pulled out, the draw bar is half buried in the ground and one wheel is too.

It would make a very pretty van if restored but its a big, big job. I will put out a few feelers but it would help if you can put it on your site appealing for a saviour to rescue it. I will email the balance of the photos in another email. The lady selling it says her Aunt died last year, aged 93. She bought it in 1950 and the payment details are included. There is no other paperwork for it which is a pity. Looking at it I cant see it being 1950, its too old in style for that I am sure. It looks late 1930's to me and could have been sold after the war perhaps. Maybe it was sold in the 1940's?"

Photographs of the Weyland 'as found'

Click to see larger versions of the pictures:

Weyland caravan pic 1 Weyland caravan pic 2 Weyland caravan pic 3 Weyland caravan pic 4 Weyland caravan pic 5 Weyland caravan pic 6
Weyland caravan pic 7 Weyland caravan pic 8 Weyland caravan pic 9 Weyland caravan pic 10 Weyland caravan pic 11 Weyland caravan pic 12
Update. Sadly this caravan was scrapped in 2007, its condition was such that a rescue attempt would have been rather tricky. Thanks to George for sending the pics and information over!

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