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See Homepage. This page: A set of three period photographs of a family with their White automobile, in the early 20th Century.
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A White steam car.

Thanks to Donald Poynter for allowing me to reproduce these old photographs of his. He sent them over, wondering if I, or anyone I knew, could identify the veteran-era car that appears in all three photographs. After some research, the car was identified as a White steam car, built in 1904 or thereabouts. It looks very like a Model L White to me, but perhaps someone can say for sure? Donald added: "These three photos were taken sometime about 1900-1920 or so in St.John's, Newfoundland, Canada, which would have been at that time a Dominion of the United Kingdom. The auto was owned by a local doctor, and the images appear to be at different times/years but I am unable to identify the vehicle."
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A White steam car seen in Newfoundland
Photo 2 of the White automobile
Photo 3 of the White car
If any more information on White steam cars, in particular the model shown above, comes to light, I'll add it in here.
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