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Wolseley 12hp Series 2.

Rarely does an old car that features in a photograph like this, still show up as on the road with a search of the DVLA database. However according to Andy, who was kind enough to email this image of his Grandfather over, the Wolseley 12hp Series 2 saloon shown below is on the road, and taxed. But who owns it now? The photograph dates to 1964 or thereabouts. Andy has tried contacting one of the Wolseley clubs, to try and contact the current owner, but so far his enquiries haven't yielded a lead so far. Does anyone recognise this car, registration AWV 340? Someone must do surely!?
Regarding the pre-war Wolseley, Andy adds the following:
"I am attaching a picture of my Grandfather with his car, he was Mr Robert Joy, the Managing Director and owner of a factory called Ray Engineering, Southmead Road in Bristol, that is where the picture was taken, circa 1964. The firm is now known as RENCOL who make resin cast plastic knobs and handles (well they did then). He owned this car - a Wolseley 12 Series 2, model 233. It was registered on 11.06.1937, the registration as you can see being AWV340. He owned this car for many years, and I travelled in it often down to Shirehampton ferry on the mouth of the Avon from Westbury on Trym where he lived, I was about 6 then. The car still exists, and is currently taxed. I have tried the register but they have no current record."
"It would be nice to find the current owner? and maybe see the car again. Could the site assist in this task do you think? Someone on here may know which district it is now in, or even better know who has it. I have some more pictures of the car in the 50's."
(Please click the thumbnail to view a full-size version of the Wolseley photo.)
Wolseley 12 car
If anyone can help Andy with his search, please drop me a line via the Contact page.
Wolseleys of this era were heavily based on contemporary Morris cars, with both "10" and "12" versions available. In addition to the saloons, which were the most numerous of the 10hp and 12hp Wolseleys, there was also a smart Coupe version, also sold in both Morris and Wolseley configurations.
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