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Wolseley Wasp.

The 1935-1936 Wolseley Wasp was based on the earlier (1934/1935) 9hp model, and was rated for taxation purposes using the (then) RAC formula as a "10", as in a HP rating of ten. Beneath its bonnet sat a compact OHC engine of 1069cc, coupled to a four-speed gearbox - this, at a time when companies such as Ford were churning out cars in the 10HP bracket with sidevalve engines, coupled to gearboxes with a mere three forward speeds within their casings. Admittedly, the Wolseley was a rung or two higher on the desirability ladder of the day, but for its time the specification was more up-to-date than many of its competitors.
This old photo probably dates to the 1930s. A young lady, with whicker basket in hand and clothing appropriate for a chilly time of the year, stands alongside the four-door Wolseley, while a chap peeks out of the driver's side door window. Note the slightly ajar sunroof, another feature of the model.
Initially I thought that the building in the background was a typical 1930s-era bungalow. However on closer inspection, a sign over the righthand door-way reads "GENTLEMEN", identifying the building as a public convenience, in which one might "spend a penny".
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Wolseley Wasp
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