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1949 Mercury Woody Wagon.

The Mercurys of 1949-1951 were contemporaries to the related "shoebox" Fords (for comparison a '49 Ford can be seen here). The majority were two- or four-door saloons, although raffish convertibles and - as shown below - neat two-door "woody" station wagons were also offered, all with a sidevalve (flathead) V8 nestling beneath the bonnet (a four-door sedan from 1951 with suicide rear doors and later front trim can be found on this page).
The first of these period photographs shows the parked car with three adults sat inside it, and a young girl clutching an ancient box camera, leaning against the front wing. A number of other similar vehicles are also in view, two of which are parked outside a restaurant/tea room.
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1949 Mercury
A few moments later, the car's occupants have vacated their seats, the young girl in the meanwhile focuses her attentions on her camera. Signs on the building alongside the restaurant announce a local Bank of Canada branch.
The distinctive design of the woody's front doors can be seen here, as can the fitment of a lengthy radio aerial to its scuttle. No-one should block the Mercury in, as there's a tiny "No Parking" sign affixed to the ornate lamp post a little further down the road, in front of the dark-coloured saloon.
Mercury Woody Wagon
Mercury sales catalogue for 1949
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