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The Wyta single-wheel car trailer.

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Idly flicking through a car magazine from 1951, I stumbled across this original advertisement for something called the WYTA single wheel car trailer. The ad shows the oddball trailer coupled up to the back of a contemporary Triumph Renown (photos of various Renowns in period, may be found on this page), registration ATS 687. This registration points to the car being registered in 1948. (Technically, the name Renown only came into use in 1949, prior to this the car was known as the Triumph 1800 Town & Country Saloon).
Evidently, Glanfield Lawrence of 407 High Road, Finchley, London, was an authorised sales agency for the WYTA trailer, for which twenty crisp notes of the realm were being asked. This price included the rear light, a numberplate, and a bumper. The trailer was a lightweight offering, designed to be used behinds cars large and small, and it would appear, cars that weren't fitted with a tow bar. Although the method of coupling-up isn't clear from this advert, it would seem that it connected to the tow-car's rear bumper, or bumper irons.
The Wyta single wheel trailer
Care with loading the trailer would have to be uppermost in the WYTA owner's mind, as stacking cargo too high could end up with suitcases littered across the road, as little in the way of side support was offered, and the loading height - compared to a more conventional trailer - appears to be somewhat higher. But as a handy little load-lugger, I'm sure that it had its uses - so long as the tow-car's chassis was up to the job, that is. I wonder how many survive in use today? There are a few photos online showing cars with a WYTA attached.
The trailers ("paahaengsvogne") were built in Denmark, and offered throughout the 1930s. As this advert demonstrates - they were also produced well into the years post-WW2, although until when I'm not sure.
If you have one of these and use it behind your car, it'd be great to see a photo or two.
The history of the garage Glanfield Lawrence can be traced back to the 1920s. By the 1950s, amongst other things, they were also supplying dealers for Reliant three-wheelers, so clearly had an interest in roadgoing machines with fewer wheels than was the norm.
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