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Mk2 Zodiac.

Thanks to Richard for digging out these photos of his family's Mk2 Ford Zodiac, seen here in the 1960s. This car was purchased by his grandfather, a nuclear scientist based in Scotland, replacing an antiquated Standard Flying 8 of the pre-war years. The first photograph, dating to the mid/late 1960s, shows the two-tone Zodiac parked alongside a static caravan. The bonnet is open on the catch, suggesting that it had just been given a check-up. Note the period roof rack fitted to the Ford, and also a temporary radio aerial clipped to the upper edge of the rear door glass.
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Ford Zodiac Mk2 car
The Ford was registered TNB 714, a Manchester series first used in June 1956.
The next two shots, shown together, show the Zodiac but this time with members of the family in shot. The lefthand image shows the rear of the car, along with Richard's father, and the righthand photo his father stood with his older brother (Richard's uncle) while riding on a car ferry.
Two more photos of the classic Zodiac
The Mk2 Zodiac took over from the Mk1 Zodiac as Ford's top-end model, one step above the Zephyr and several steps above the base-model Consul. Distinguishing features for the Zodiac included a revised front grille and rear trim, gold-coloured badges, and two-tone colour schemes as standard. Just as there was a Mk2 Zephyr convertible, a drop-top Zodiac was also offered.
In 1962, a new, Mk3 Ford Zodiac would be introduced.
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