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Homepage. This page: Two Austin A90s, one an export A90 Atlantic in 1950s Australia

Austin A90 Drophead Coupe in Australia.

The first five photos on this page were kindly provided by Rainer, who runs his own Austin A90 Atlantic website:

They show his father who lived for a time in Australia, with his A90 drophead coupe, in the 1950s. There can't have been many A90s out there, so must have been quite an interesting car to see on the Australian roads.

See more original old photos, including pics of other A90s, on the period car photographs page.

Austin Atlantic DHC

I bet driving an A90 DHC you'd never be short of willing passengers...!

Austin A90 DHC

A90 convertible

Austin Atlantic


If anyone out there has other pictures of the convertible A90, and would be willing to share them in this section, please drop me an email.

More A90 convertible photographs.

Thanks (again) to George for forwarding these photographs over, that belong to a friend of his who is trying to establish whether this A90, registration number VMF 775, still exists or not. If you recognise this '50s Austin, please get in touch and I'll pass the info on. More photographs of this A90 Atlantic have now turned up, and have been added further down this page. All the photographs were taken in 1950, the shot of the car driving along was taken in Cornwall.
Austin A90 convertible
Austin A90 Atlantic
Austin A90 convertible

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