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Homepage. This page: A Mk1 Mini saloon parked up in 1962/1963, plus Brian's brand new pale blue Mk1, 1961.

BMC Austin Mini saloon.

Mini car
Sporting a June 1963 tax disc is this smart Mk1 Austin Mini, or Austin Seven as the really early Minis were badged. I'm guessing that this is a deluxe Mini, judging by the wheel trims and bumper overriders. Also fitted is a pair of mirrors and a curvy roof rack, clamped to the Mini's roof. In the background is another Issigonis creation, in the shape of a Series 2 splitscreen Minor. Unlike this other Mk1 Mini, which shows evidence of being souped up, the car shown above seems to be in otherwise standard condition.

Brian's brand new Mk1 Mini see in 1961.

Brian dropped me a line in 2009, attaching this interesting old photo showing a Mk1 Mini he once owned. It was his 21st birthday present in 1961. Again it looks like a De Luxe model, finished in pale blue (Speedwell blue?), and fitted with a very appropriate registration number. Thanks Brian!
Brian's white Mk1 Mini
When it hit the market in 1959, the all-new BMC Mini re-wrote the small car rulebook, in the UK at least. Gone was the rear wheel drive, leaf sprung suspension, longitudinal engine positioning and dated styling of the A30 and A35, and in was a radical mechanical package housed within a tiny, 10ft long, bodyshell. The only link to the earlier cars was the A series engine, but this time mounted crossways on top of the gearbox, unlike the fore & aft layout of the A35 (and still used in the contemporary A40 Farina which debuted in 1958). Front wheel drive featured too, helping to maximise the interior space that was available to the driver and upto 3 passengers. The first Minis had an engine of 848cc, sharing bore dimensions with the A35 but employing a shorter stroke. Power was quoted at 34bhp when revving away at 5500 rpm. During the first few years of Mini production a number of variants would be introduced, including handy little vans, pickups and estates (known either as the Austin Countryman and Morris Mini Traveller). Austin and Morris versions were available.
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