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122S Volvo Amazon
Through all the time I'd owned YKA 750J, the blue 4 dr Volvo I'd rebuilt, I'd had my eye on a very straight 2 dr 122S that was always to be seen in Cheadle Hulme parked up the side of a house. I had knocked on the owner's front door previously and had a good chat with him about all things 120 related. On one of my regular drivebys, over year after having parted with YKA, I decided to enquire once again about the 2dr dark green Amazon that is LNB 50G. After a little while it came to light that they'd be willing to sell their historic Volvo. It hadn't been used for a couple of years, and one look at the state of the front inner wings soon proved why. Anyway, after a brief jovial haggling session, a sum was agreed (not sure now - 400 possibly) and once more I was the proud owner of a 120 again (my 4th), this time a 2 door in very original order. Whilst the body obviously needed some fettling, the interior was fantastic, the (rebuilt) engine, complete with MANY receipts, ran like a sewing machine, and was going to make a nice runabout for your truly. This was August 1996.

Bravely jumping into the breach once more, mate Steve and his trusty Sealey 180amp Mig, leapt into action, fitting new front inner wings (as on YKA also) and tidied up the rear sills (Steve too owned a 123GT so had similar 20/50 blood in his veins also). Steve was last to be heard of pursuing Citroen DS' in London somewhere. One set of inner wings later, and plenty of reassembly too, old LNB hit the roads once more, providing a truly stylish mode of transport, for a couple of years or so until I finally sold her on in late 1998 to Steve (the welder!). On his first run out in LNB, on his way to a mates wedding in Ireland, he nerfed the front wing.

After Steve had bent the front wing and panel on LNB, he lost interest in the old girl, so I arranged that he pass it onto another Amazon owner I knew, by the name of Gerry. He already had a blue 4dr, and was keen to get hold of LNB to restore (I think he wanted an estate really). So he ended up with LNB, and later bought all the spare panels I had in stock from the dark blue example I had dismantled for spares, to aid the comprehensive rebuild he put LNB through. Having seen the end result of his restoration, LNB looked absolutely fantastic!

A few years later I was mooching around a local classic vehicle show when I stumbled across my old 122S on the Congleton Bear's club stand. I had a look around for Gerry, and he let slip that he was toying with the idea of selling on the (now-restored) Amazon, to make room for his completion of a 123 GT project.

I left it for a couple of months, the Standard 10 serving me well as a local runabout. However there was no denying that the little Standard would need a bit of TLC come the winter, so thoughts of clearing the decks, and buying back the Volvo, came to mind. I phoned Gerry up, and had a chat about the Volvo. The net result was that I sold both the Standard 8 & 10, and one of my small Ford pickups, replacing the 3 of them with the Volvo. LNB was now back in the fold, after a gap of 6 or so years.

With both the Devon and the Volvo up and running and in the garage, I had use of both cars for some time whenever a nice day came along, or a local show took place. After a while I decided that it didn't make much sense keeping two saloon cars, when I have other things I need to get finished off, so the Volvo was sold on, somewhat reluctantly, to raise some cash and make room for another project.

I've written a buyers guide for the 120 Volvo range, so if you are interested in buying one, why not have a read here: Volvo 120 Buying Advice.

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