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See Homepage. This page: Two photos of an Allard K2 sports-car of the early 1950's, seen alongside its dapper owner.
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Allard K2 Touring of 1950/1951.

I've been looking to add original photos of a post-war Allard car to the site for some time, so when this pair, both featuring a blazer-wearing chap and his Allard K2 Touring turned up, they were quickly bought. The first shows him sat behind the wheel of his K2 on a bright sunny day, the second with him stood alongside. This model, the successor to the K1, was only produced for two years (1950 & 1951), during which time a modest 119 examples were built.
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An Allard K2 car
An Allard K2 sportscar
Sidney Allard competed in speed events in cars of his own making, both prior to, and after WW2, although production cars bearing his name would only go on sale in 1946, and even then only in very limited numbers (a letter issued by Sydney Allard's garage in 1943, sent to a gent in the USA, can be found on the Adlards Motors Ltd page). The J1 was basically a car that he'd planned to put into production in the late 1930's but the war put paid to that plan, so the cars eventually went on sale in 1946. In 1949 the J2, perhaps the most famous of the competition-bred Allards, made its debut, followed by the J2X in 1952. Alongside these "hot rods" were the K-series cars, designed with road rather than track use in mind.

The K2 of 1950.

The Allard K2, as shown above, was identifiable from its predecessor by the redesigned aluminium bodywork. Gone was the waterfall grille, to be replaced by a more modest pentagonal affair, while the three "port holes" fitted to the bonnet sides were very much a touch designed to appeal to Stateside buyers. Two engine choices were offered, one a 3.6, the other a 3.9.
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