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Homepage. This page: Davids neat collection of original American pickups & flatbed trucks.

Classic American Trucks!

Chevy 6400 and other American trucks!

David sent me these great photos showing some of his classic American trucks, of varying age and size! The photo above shows just some of them, at a classic show in 2005. From left to right, there is his Ford F3 V8 pickup, a blue Willys truck, and a mighty 6400 Chevy.

1929 Ford Model AA truck

First up, three photographs showing his cracking Model AA Ford truck, two photos of it while still in Wyoming, and another showing it here in the UK, after a liberal application of oil to preserve the old patina on this Ford.

Ford Model AA truck
Ford AA truck
Ford Model AA

Ford F3 V8 Pickup

Now, here is a photo of this flathead Ford V8 from 1951, again in very original condition and all the better for it!

Ford F3 V8

Thanks again David for sending those photos over! the AA model has been on my 'wanted' list for some time, although I'd happily settle for the slightly smaller Model A Pickup if one of those turned up instead :-)

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