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See Homepage. This page: Original black & white photos of classic pre-war Ariel motorcycles, including Slopers.
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Ariel motorcycle photos.

This new page will grow to include a number of period photographs, all of classic British motorcycles built by Ariel in Birmingham. Exact model identifications would be appreciated, if anyone calls by this page and recognises an as-yet unidentified machine. While the site is primarily centred around aged motor-cars, the running of elderly motorcycles shares many of the challenges "enjoyed" by owners of old cars, and a significant proportion of car owners also have one (or more) old motorcycles dotted about their abode.

1. A motorcyclist with his machine.

To open this page, a snapshot of an unidentified motorcyclist sat on Ariel registration TL 216. The TL registration series hails from Lincolnshire, Kesteven specifically, and had a good run, being used from 1928 through to 1942. Presumably then this motorcycle dates to 1930 or thereabouts. Perhaps a 550cc Model B Ariel?
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1930 Ariel
While the weather looks to be sunny, the gent shown above is sporting a fine pair of fur motorcycling gauntlets. There's a label, or transfer, just visible on the headlamp lens. I doubt it helped the headlamp's efficiency, so maybe it was just applied for one particular club event, or other specific purpose.

2. Two gents sat on a 1931/1932 Ariel "Sloper" motorcycle.

Two gents, a rider plus pillion, are sat posed on the following motorcycle. Once again, a look at the Ariel's registration first - FD 6858. This is a Dudley series, and as with the example above, had a long run, from 1903 to 1935. The chap in control looks to be wearing his old military clothing, and a distinctive pair of goggles, while his pal on the back exhibits what could well be his de-mob suit, following WW2.
1931/1932 Ariel Sloper motorcycle
Who the two gents are, or the location of this suburban scene, aren't known sadly. If this is a post-war image, it's interesting to note that the wrought iron railings and gates visible behind them avoided any wartime metal collection that took place.
And the actual model shown here is? It looks like a "Sloper", with the engine tilted forward thirty degrees, so a c1931/2 SG?

3. Ladies and a pre-war Ariel.

Two ladies sit astride the following example of an Ariel Sloper, in this photo sent over by forum regular Peter Scott. The lady clinging onto FG 7815's handlebars is Peter's late mother-in-law, however the identity of her pal isn't recorded. The machine is in immaculate condition - possibly new at the time? I'm unable to make out whether there's a tax disc in the holder, so perhaps the Ariel had recently been purchased? The FG (for Fife, Scotland) series ran from 1925 to 1934. Thanks for the photo Peter.
Ladies sat on an Ariel Sloper
Return to Page 20 in the motoring photographs archive, or visit the main index here. Photos of an Ariel and a Scott, on a continental road tour, may also be found on the Scott page: link, while this page contains a price list for the 1948/1949 Ariel machines.

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